Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All alone

Well Patrick has been gone for 1 week and 1 day. He is down in Anchorage going to the academy for work. I'm trying to stay busy but it gets kinda boring in the evenings and on the weekends. And very exhausting to say the least having the baby and the puppy 24/7. More so the puppy then anything. We start obedience class this Saturday and I hope it makes a difference in him listening.
Teagan is doing good, she is so fun to watch and talk to and interact with. She had another tooth break through the other day so our grand total of teeth so far is 4. It's hard for me to think that in just 2 months my baby girl is going to be 1 years old. Where has the time gone? Seems just like yesterday that she was born. She is such a talker, she loves to say mama a lot and every now and then we get the dada's and baba and nana's. She loves to listen to people talk to her and she is so curious about everything. She has to watch everything that is going on. I have a feeling she is going to be my adventurous trouble maker.
I've been doing little projects around the house this past week trying to make sure I stay busy and have the time go by fast. I cleaned out the "man room"/office yesterday which was the biggest project and all my household chores are caught up on for the moment, so now I have to get creative and figure out things to do. I still have to do a run to the salvation army and donate clothes that don't fit anymore, but that is going to wait til grocery shopping day. I'll figure something out.
It's not the same without Patrick here, but I'm getting along. Just wishing for the time to go by quickly and hoping to not get too lonely.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall in Alaska

So I'm a little behind in my blogging, so I figured while Teagan was napping I would take the time to catch up.

Not much has really been going on. Labor Day weekend we had a bbq and fire pit and my friend Maritza's house. Had a good time there.

We took Teagan to the Dr. to get a refill of her vitamins and found out she hasn't gained any weight in the past 3 months, so we get to take her back next month for a weight check. The Dr. isn't too concerned just wants to make sure that she gains weight. So our plan of attack is to start giving her more big people food instead of just baby food. We gave her a pancake this morning and she loved it. She tried cottage cheese yesterday and really liked that, the texture didn't bother her at all. Maybe she was just tired of having pureed baby food.

She continues to amaze me everyday. I love that little girl something fierce.

We start bowling tonight, so that'll be intersting since I haven't bowled in over a year. I'm pretty sure I'm going to stink it up real bad, but should be a good time. We are bowling on a 4 person team with Danny and Maritza.

Patrick is getting ready to head to the Academy in Anchorage for 6 weeks, not this week but next. So it's just going to be me and Teagan and the animals. It's going to be difficult because it will be the first time we will have been apart this long in over 3 years. But this time I'll have Teagan to keep me busy. I am not happy that he's going, but I'm glad he's going when he is, this way he only misses my birthday instead of going at a later date and missing Teagans first birthday.

Well that's all I can think of right now.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Addition

Well this past weekend we went to Creamers Field in Fairbanks because they were having a Crane festival, it was just this small little event going on, but we went and watched all the birds and went on a little nature hike. After that we went for a drive and ended up seeing a moose. That's my second one that I've seen compared to Patricks 8 or so that he's seen.

It was pretty fun to get out and go on a walk and enjoy the beautiful day that we had this past weekend. That evening we built a fire in our fire pit and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. That was something fun to do and smell like a camp fire. The bug spray I had did not work on the Alaska Knats, I pretty much took a bath in the bug spray and they still would not leave me alone. But we had a good time none the less.

On Tuesday Patrick, Teagan and I made the drive down to Wasilla Alaska, we drove through Denali State Park which is a beautiful drive, but unfortunately did not see any wildlife. I was dissapointed I was hoping to see Moose and Caribou but not on that trip. Teagan traveled very well which was a plus since it was a 5 hour drive down there.

The reason we went down there was to pick up our new addition to the family. Brew he is a 6 wk old Silver Chocolate Lab. He has a cute personality. He is adventurous and curious. and when he can't do something he gets mad and starts howling. He is still too tiny to jump up the step out back to get up on the deck so he starts howling. Teagan loves the puppy and the puppy seems to really like her. Which is a good thing.

Well that's about it for now I have to go keep an eye on the puppy to make sure nothing is getting chewed up.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Awww another Monday. We had a pretty good weekend. Patrick got to go shoot his handgun and loved it. We went and saw Harry Potter Friday night. It was good I guess I was just expecting more from it. And then Saturday night I got Mexican food and oh was it yummy. We started preparing for our winter and ordered all of us some winter stuff. I found me a pair of winter boots that go up to -135 oh yes I do need those because my feet are always cold. We got Teagan a cute little snow suit. Then just some layering thermals.
Altough we had a good weekend, there were some frustrating parts to it.
Trying to order Teagans bedding online and they won't ship it up here, so we just decided to send it to Mom's and then get it that way.
My other frustration is, that I just spent the past 3 years not really hearing from my family. I know the international calling is ridiculous I'm not mad about that because I probably wouldn't have called either. But my frustration is that we are now back in the United States we have cell phones so all it is now is a long distance call. And I know everyone has cell phones which with your plan you should have free nights and weekends so by the time that starts we are 2 hours behind so it's not going to be late for us.
I've been doing and experiment I emailed out our numbers and I've been seeing how long it would take for anyone in the family to call. Let's see I'm still waiting....... I stopped calling because I'm tired of being the one that has to call all the time. I understand that we live far away I'm not going to apologize for that because we are going to have our adventures while someone else is paying for them. But just because we live far away doesn't mean we can't be included and made feel like we are a part of this family.
Well that's my beef, and now that I've said something I really don't want the phone calls because I actually had to say something.
It just sucks and that's how I feel.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I've created!

So My sister Hilary has told me I need to get a blog going. Since Teagan is taking a nap I figured I'd get one started. I really don't know how much I'll update but who knows. We will just have to take it as it comes.

Well we are here in Alaska and so far so good. I love that we own our house and we can do whatever we want to it. It just proves to be expensive. Our living room is done and painted and we even got around to hanging pictures and shelves on the wall the other day.

Teagans room is in the work. Patrick painted her room this past weekend, and I ordered the stencils that will be going on her wall as a border so hopefully they come soon. After that it just leaves getting her bedding set and some shelves put in her room and Teagans room will be mostly done minus a few things that I want to do, but will take a bit of time to do.

Mine and Patrick's room will have to be a work in progress, just a piece here and there.

The garage is our last unpacking/organising bit of the house that needs to be done and that should be done this coming weekend.

Lets see I saw my first moose this past weekend, it was a really neat thing to see. Hopefully I get to see more, but only when I'm in the car or a safe distance away.

I took Teagan swimming the other day and she really enjoyed it she was just splashing away and then I put her in a baby floaty and she just sat back and relaxed.

Then yesterday I took her and my friends girls to the farmers market. It wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be, but we did get some fresh squash, zucchini and I bought some snap peas for Patrick. I even tried reindeer and elk hotdog, it wasn't that bad and actually tasted pretty good.

Teagan is still teething, she had one tooth break through now for the other 1 on the bottom and the top two. She is still rolling everywhere, and every now and again will do her version of the crawl but she much rather prefer to roll everywhere. She is doing pretty good on her sitting, but would rather lean up against something or someone.

She is such a cutie, but such a stubborn girl and I've learned that she will do things when she is ready and doesn't like to be forced or made do anything (Oh I can see the trouble we will have when she is a teenager), but she is so adorable especially when she blows a raspberry or makes a kissing noise or just starts giggling. Her giggle is one of the sweetest sounds in the world. We don't get to hear it as often as I would like because teething is quite a bit painful and she does tend to be a bit aunry.

Well I think that is it for now.